Cannot find window with index "1"

Operating System

Windows 11

Katalon Studio version

version 8.5.0

Log Folder:

.log (354.2 KB)

Environment (for Web Testing)

Chrome version 106

Steps to reproduce

Navigate to a website with a link that opens a new Chrome tab, attempt to navigate to that chrome tab using any of the built in ‘SwitchToWindow*’ functions. This is happening with tests that were completely functional prior to the Chrome 106 version update. The Katalon recorder doesn’t capture the second tab either.

public void forgotUsernamePassword () {

	WebUI.waitForElementClickable(ForgotUsername, 10)


Expected Behavior
SwitchToWindowIndex takes chromedriver to the second open tab.

Actual Behavior
Cannot find window with index “1”. If using URL or Title, the results are the same.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Can you confirm this is specific to Chrome 106 by retesting in Firefox?

@Russ_Thomas Thank you for the welcome!

After attempting the same test with FireFox version 105, the test is still failing at the same point for the same reason. The only difference I’m seeing is that FireFox opens the link in a new window instead of a new tab (which is how Chrome handles it).

Recording of Execution in FireFox Version 105. Just to show that in the UI, there’s nothing that sticks out to me as causing this issue.

That’s a browser setting you could change with Desired Capabilities (or whatever they’re calling it nowadays). Either way, it shouldn’t affect the test case.

At least now we know it’s not a Chrome issue.

Let’s see what @duyluong thinks.

@Russ_Thomas @duyluong Any update on this potentially?

This is blocking several projects for our company.