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Hey Katalon-Team,

during evaluation which testing tool we will use in future I tried a bunch of them using an e-mail address not related to my company.
After convincing all people that this is the most awesome tool we can have I wanted to switch to my company own e-mail address. But it is not possible at all as far as I can see and I haven´t found any information about it. Creating a new account on Katalon.com is done of course but when downloading the software again it is automatically set to the former account (which does make sense as well).

is there any possibility I don´t see?
If not, is it somehow possible at all?
Only way I can think of at the moment would be registry edit but before I will bother our IT I want to check if I missed something.

It doesn´t seem to block me in Katalon in any kind as everything is possible to set up manually (Analytics or Jira etc.) but when you change it to automatically logging in or something I will have a problem.

Thanks in advance
P.S.: Sorry none of the possible categories seem to fit to this question.

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