Support table Data Binding at the test case level (like where statement in cucumber)

For tracing our tests to requirements, each test case has multiple data bound to it. Before with Cucumber you could use a where table to bind test data to an individual test. We want to do this same test data binding using Katalon’s test cases. The only current way to do this is at the test suite level, which does not trace well to our requirements and is not isolated. This gets messy because we will have 100’s of test suites just to support the data binding for individual tests(or one massive test suite that each data binding has to be done with). Also data binding may complicate using dynamic test suite for running our regression tests. We would like a simpler approach that allows binding of a test data table to an individual test.

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3. I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected
The way we do work items is individual tests are bound to a data set. If we could just bind test data to an individual test this would help us immensely.

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Support table Data Binding at the test case level. This would mean a test could run multiple columns in a table. Currently this is only supported for test suites. This could be adding another column to the variables tab that allows binding test data to a variable.

Hello @nathaniel.s.thompson

Thank you so much for your suggestion. To better address your request, could you please tell us more about your use case and give us a specific example to illustrate your use case?


We use Excel/csv files in our test cases for this purpose. The testcase opens the file, and loops over the rows. It is not the cleanest approach, but it works.

Our use case is similar to how cucumber let’s you do data tables in the test itself:

Feature: Cucumber can convert a Gherkin data table to a list of a type you specify.

  Scenario: The sum of a list of numbers should be calculated
    Given a list of numbers
      | 17   |
      | 42   |
      | 4711 |
    When I summarize them
    Then should I get 4770
We want to explicitly state what iterations the tests will go through in the test case itself, so we don’t have to create a test suite to do this. This is so we can run our tests in the dynamic test suite because for this we will want to only run tests with certain tags.