Subtitles are not shown anymore in recorded video. But they are presents in the subtitle file

In the context given below, the problem comes from the time stamping for the subtitle that has changed. The time stamps makes them appearing a couple of milliseconds, therefore not visible to the human eye. Problem was introduced a couple of releases ago, Katalon team might figure out when.

## Operating System: Win10 Enterprise, build 17.4.1

## Katalon Studio Version: at least 64-5.6.0, 64-5.7.0

## Katalon Studio logs:

Not included because error does not appear in log.

## Environment (for Web testing)

Issue not related to brower type.

‘browser’ with value ‘Edge 16’

Logging run data ‘platform’ with value ‘Windows 10’

Logging run data ‘seleniumVersion’ with value '3.7.1

## Environment (for Mobile testing)

Not applicable

## Steps to reproduce

Setup a test suite and ask for video to be recorded all the time. Video format AVI. Did not tried other format.

## Expected Behavior

In previous versions of Katalon, the subtitles where showing the steps (1.Click 2.WaitForPageToLoad …(

## Actual Behavior

The subtitles are not visible. Why? See below!!!

## Screenshots / Videos: (please attach screenshots or videos if necessary to reproduce the issue)

This is an actual subtitle file generated by Katalon. Can you see that the subtitle is supposed to appear for just a couple of milli second???


00:00:00,558 → 00:00:00,566

1. openBrowser


00:00:04,930 → 00:00:04,931

5. navigateToUrl


00:00:06,611 → 00:00:06,612

9. maximizeWindow

I ve manually edited the file and extended the time for a subtitle to appear for at least one second and that works. So it is regression.