Video srt,subtitle does not work

I run the test suites with video record

I can find the video (avi or mov) in folder and related srt file

But when i use ALC or K-lite, video play good, but no subtitles show in the video

Could you help to check this issue


Is there any content inside those .srt files?

yes,can see the step description inside srt, have real content

It happens here also for quite some months back.
Just haven’t had the time to report it too.

Katalon version: Version: 6.1.0 Build: 1
Latest Chrome browser
.srt files are created and do contain information, however none of VLC, BS.Player render the subtitles as 6 months ago (they “see” the subtitles, they seem to use it but no text is visible in the video rendition).
Winamp or Window Media Player do not open?render the video .avi format at all.
I am recording in .avi and lowest quality format.

Example of content .srt:

00:00:05,262 --> 00:00:05,263
11. navigate to login page

00:00:06,163 --> 00:00:06,163
17. set username

00:00:06,357 --> 00:00:06,358
23. set password

Thank you,
Cornel Neacsu

Hello DevAlex,
Just confirming this is still happening today. Definitely this is not as important as other critical fixes, but it would surely be nice for other stakeholders to see the video recordings with subtitles.

Thank you,

@devalex88 @YoungNgo @ThanhTo @Katalon_team
Is there any workaround to fix this SRT issue ???

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