Katalon subtitles appear for a few milliseconds


I have a problem with the “Record video on test fail”

When I launch the video with VLC, the subtitle file (.srt) seems to be correctly linked to the video BUT I can’t see any subtitles.

When I check the content of the .srt files, I can see that the subtitles are configured to appear for less than half a second. Exemple below

00:00:01,014 --> 00:00:01,026
1. callTestCase
00:00:01,805 --> 00:00:01,806
1. openBrowser

This feature is really helpful to debug, am I missing something ?

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It was working before. I don’t know since which version it does not work anymore but I can tell that say about 4 months ago it was still working.

This a extract of the subtitle file. As you can see the time for the subtitle is not correct (too short)


00:00:00,558 --> 00:00:00,566

1. openBrowser


00:00:04,930 --> 00:00:04,931

5. navigateToUrl


00:00:06,611 --> 00:00:06,612

9. maximizeWindow

I ve manually edited the file and extended the time for a subtitle to appear for at least one second and that works. So it is regression.

Does anyone know how to solve the sync subtitle issue?