[Studio - Windows] I am looking to do a complete removal of Katalon Studio and reinstall


I am looking to do a complete removal of Katalon Studio and reinstall from a Windows Operating System.
I note that there are registry entries as well as the binaries and additional files for Katalon Studio.

I so wish that there were an uninstaller application so as to remove the base settings and removal of the associated registry entries.

Can anyone help me, please?

I have read various other postings that look promising but clean uninstall of the software IS eluding me.

Many Thanks


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That’s the first time I’ve heard (read) anyone mentioning that.

@duyluong Do you know how to completely clean an old installation?

Hi Dave,

I found a solved topic asking about the same question, although they did not mention anything about the registries …

Also looping in one of our Studio team members @xuan.tran here who may have an idea.

Hi @david.periam
if you can’t able to remove the file from the directory. your Windows C: Drive May be write protected by your administrator.

Try removing the file with administrator Credentials.

@albert.vu ,

Many thanks for your assistance here.
I note that with traditional installers - most files/entries that the software was ever installed on the PC are removed. Thus clearing and ensuring that a fresh install of the software can be cleanly carried out, effectively starting with a clean slate.

I know with Katalon that it requires java. the issue here is that there was another installation also using Java - the two setups effectively “interfered” with one another by using the shared installation of java, rather than their own - which effectively broke the workings of the application.

Me, being the person I am, also know that some applications, maybe even Windows itself, stores entries in the registry. I looked in there and found numerous entries relating to the other software and for Katalon. I am trying to remove the offending entries relating to the software.



I don’t think that you are understanding my request here.
I am quite capable of deleting files on the pc, there is no issue there…


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