Problem with Katalon after Installation (.exe file got automatically removed from computer)

When I install Katalon after a while the app( Katalon.exe) got erased from my computer. What would be this issue ?

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Hi @xuan.tran,

Would you be able to look into Abdelrahman’s question above? This is the first time that I have heared about this.

Hi there @bosati69,

Would you mind providing us with more information i.e. which Katalon version you were installing, which operating system do you have (I am presuming it is Windows since you mentioned the “.exe” file, how this automatically removal affect your work and so on.


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Likely related to

Microsoft Defender Antivirus is a powerful tool that finds and removes malware from your PC. Here’s how to use it in Windows 10 or 11 to scan your PC.

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Yes it is windows and Katalon Version is 9.4.0 where the previous version 8.6.9 doesn’t happens this issue