[Studio] How can I make changes to plugin custom-junit-report-example

Hello Team,

I was using the plugin custom-junit-report-example

I think the plugin is very useful for my work activities, I would like to make a change but I can’t, I try to explain:

into file Include>scripts>grovy>com.katalon.junit>JUnitExporter.java, you can found the line

If you enter into setTime method, the file JUnitTestCase.class it will be open.

@XmlAttribute(name = “time”)
protected String time;

Is it possible to change the value of the name field? (For example name = ‘ExecutionTime’).

Thanks for your time.

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I will ask my team and back to you soon

Hi Elly,

any news?

it would also be enough to understand if it is possible to modify a .class file.

Thanks in advance.