Export Test Results in JUnit Format

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What is the format of the JUnit report here? It seems to be some type of hybrid between a junit report and a summary report. Some of the fields are not standard, like STATUS. Is there an xsd somewhere?

It should be compatible with the Jenkins JUnit xsd -https://github.com/junit-team/junit5/blob/master/platform-tests/src/test/resources/jenkins-junit.xsd Something on the order of this would be nice.


I would also like to add additional properties to the junit report. I’ve searched Katalon and Google but I could be missing something. I prefer not to create a custom xml file if I can have a method in Katalon. I would like to add the following xml property so that during Xray import, the requirement and test case are linked.

<property name="requirement" value="CALC-123" />

The other change I would like is for testname and classname. Right now testname is identical to testname. The class name includes the full path where the testname should just be the test (IMHO).

name="Test Cases/SCENARIO/SACMD/NONSUPERUSER/TA_SaCmdlistofAgentsNonSU" classname="Test Cases/SCENARIO/SACMD/NONSUPERUSER/TA_SaCmdlistofAgentsNonSU"

I realize that the Junit_Report.xml format probably can’t support integration with every tool like Xray so customization of the Junit from with Katalon would be helpful. Maybe something like KeywordUtil.logXML(property, value).

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Does KRE also provide html and csv format report?

I need to have a JUnit.xml report in my pipeline… what should I put in the command for the pipeline?
that is what I put for my pipeline, what do I add tp get my report JUnit.xml?

task: katalonTask@0

displayName: ‘Execute Katalon Studio project’


version: '8.0.0'

executeArgs: '-retry=0 -statusDelay=20 -testSuitePath="Test Suites/TestInnovation" -browserType="Chrome" -apiKey="MyAPIKey" --config -webui.autoUpdateDrivers=true'