[Studio] Cache conflict - Push and Pull repository from Github

Hi, i have problem with commit and push new code to git repository it happen often while there are new code update. the keywords cache files always conflicting and i need to fix it every time i want to push new code to git repository?

any solution to prevent the cache files from conflicting??

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.gitignore them after deleting them from your local repository. Create separate git branch with these changes, and merge the changes ASAP.

There is no reason the .cache files should be part of your repository

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Hi @fendy.tio,
We use the following in our .gitignore file
NOTE: Make a backup copy of your project before proceeding.


First update your .gitignore file.
Next run “git rm -r --cached settings” from the command line from within the project folder.
This will remove ALL cached files.
Run “Commit and Push” from your version control tool.
This should remove cache files from your remote branches.

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Same as my previous post


You haven’t fixed this yet?

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Should i delete .cache folder from my git repository?

Yes. It is a YAGNI

I’ll be adding this to the backlog, any other issues you guys are seeing in Git integration?