Studio 8.4.0.beta is now available with NTML Authentication and GraphQL Testing!

Hello Everyone!

I’m excited to announce the release of Katalon Studio version 8.4.0.beta, which provides you with a proof-of-concept for NTML authentication and GraphQL testing. Go for it here. Any early feedback is much appreciated.

A glimpse of the new features in this beta:

  • NTLM authentication - a challenge/response-based authentication protocol - has been used commonly in nowadays systems. The feature will help to cover the test cases of API in the organizations using NTLM authentication. Learn more at NTML Authentication.
  • GraphQL is well-known among API consumers due to its popularity and accessibility. Wonder how GraphQL significantly improves the efficiency and performance of API calls in Katalon Studio. Follow our detailed instructions at [API Testing] GraphQL (PoC).

We gratefully await your responses!

P/s: Kindly note that this PoC is not ready for production use. We recommend using this PoC for evaluation purposes only.