Does Katalon support GraphQL API requests testing?

How to test graphql requests? Postman actually supports it under Body to select GraphQL radio button, Do we have such an option in Katalon.

@devalex88 @ThanhTo


I’m excited to announce the release of Katalon Studio version 8.4.0.beta, which provides you with a proof-of-concept for GraphQL testing. Go for it here. Any early feedback is much appreciated.

GraphQL is well-known among API consumers due to its popularity and accessibility. Wonder how GraphQL significantly improves the efficiency and performance of API calls in Katalon Studio. Follow our detailed instructions at [API Testing] GraphQL (PoC).

We gratefully await your responses!

P/s: Kindly note that this PoC is not ready for production use. We recommend using this PoC for evaluation purposes only.