storeEval, then echo

Hi! I’m testing out Katalon Automation Recorder. I have a simple script that has two commands:
storeEval | new Date().getTime() | mepoch
echo | test run timestamp: ${mepoch} |
This does not seem to output the stored value when I execute these commands.
I see:
[INFO] Executing: storeEval | new Date().getTime() | mepoch
[INFO] Executing: echo | test run timestamp: ${mepoch} |
[INFO] echo: test run timestamp: ${mepoch}
in the console.


I have same problem with storeValue and storeAttribute

I am having the same problem, mainly because I am switching from Selenium IDE to Katalon Recorder. I use such variables heavily to automate inputs and outputs, generating the ID’s based on the current date using scripts as well.

Hi all,

Thanks for reporting to Katalon team. This issue has been fixed in the next release. Stay tuned!

Thanks again for using Katalon Automation Recorder,

Thank you all for using Katalon Recorder.

This issue has been fixed in Katalon Recorder 2.1.0 (released today). If you execute this command “storeEval | new Date().getTime() | mepoch” the current timestamp will be assigned to the variable “mepoch”.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to let us know. We are more than happy to help you.

problem still there in Katalon v3.6.11