Stop all test suite if one test case failed

there is a way to stop a test suite if one of its cases fails?
I need some method or form to stop the suite, does anyone have a solution?

there is a way to stop a test suite if one of its cases fails?

I do not think so.

Let me assume you have a Test Suite X which binds multiple Test Cases A, B; and you TS_X to stop when TC_A fails without TC_B invoked. But …

  • Test Suite X —> Test Case A failed
  • Test Suite X —> Test Case B continues

Any alternative? You can replace Test Suite X with another Test Case Z that invokes TC_A and TC_B

  • Test Case Z --> Test Case A, Test Case B


  • Test Suite X --> Test Case Z --> Test Case A, Test Case B … as many modules as you want

using WebUI.callTestCase()

When you use WebUI.callTestCase(), TC_A and TC_B become a part of TC_Z and any failure in the code of TC_A can stop TC_Z entirely.


Currently there’s no way to stop a test suite right away when a test case failed. However, in Test Suite UI there’s an option to retry immediately which will retry the failed test case and stop the test suite if it keeps failing past the retry limit.

I think it’s one way to achieve your outcome, please try it out and let me know if helps.


This option is from katalon enterprice, usign free version is not posible using retry failed executions immediately anyway thanks for helping.

@ThanhTo for the coders among us, we need a scoped execution context for a suite such that a throw could target the suite (beyond the test case).

if(something) {
  throw new SuiteException(context, "Something terrible happened")

Of course, something like this would be even nicer…

if(something) {
  currentSuiteAbandon("Something terrible happened")

where currentSuiteAbandon takes care of whatever fancy dance you need to perform to reach the suite context.

This seems to be a very common use case:

 Stop Test Suite when one of its Test Case fails.

I find it VERY hard to believe that such a common use case is not catered for with Katalon Studio.

Katalon Devs - please advise.

Thank you for your time.

Any update on this subject?

My own solution is here:

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