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Hey, I just downloaded the new version of Katalon and I am unable to make custom run.

How can I run in private mode with the new version?
If it changed I believe that also the documentation should change

I believe this is now under Desired Capabilities (last option in the list at left).

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Hi guys,

What about IE, the configuration for IE is not specified in this post.
Thanks in advance.

IE configuration, you can do in project setting. Please find the below screenshot for more details.

What is the Desired Capability property for IE to start InPrivate mode?

Please make below changes:


is there a way to start in private mode just for one test case? or one test suite? like an option on the script WebUI.openBrowser(’’), as we have to set at project level all tests starts in private mode.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Prabhat
Can you please post the complete property value for this. IE private mode capabilities, thanks.

Hello Pabhat,

Can you please type in here the complete names for the IE and Edge?In the above screen shot they are incomplete. Many Thanks!!


You can use the below property value for IE private mode capabilities:

capabilities.setCapability(InternetExplorerDriver.FORCE_CREATE_PROCESS, true);
capabilities.setCapability(InternetExplorerDriver.IE_SWITCHES, “-private”);


Thanks @sourav.malhotra.cont I tried the same but for Edge changing to “EdgeDriver” but didn’t work. You know how to start on private that browser?

@ [rodrigocalabretta]

For edge you need to set the below capabilities

capabilities.setCapability(“ms:inPrivate”, true);

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Internet Explorer

Hi, I tried your idea and it doesn’t work for me, can you please help me?
I tried like you said and even how @prabhat.pk589 said:

and I even tried to look up on this site
and modified the settings like this(and many other variation) and nothing works:

If you could please help me it would be very appreciated!!

@ laura.depalma2798 It should work for you now

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Thank you very much!! It worked!

I tried this setting but didnot worked for me. could you share screenshot.

Hello, please share your solution

Hi @Tomer_Zaks I retried and able to run on private window for Chrome using latest Katalon version on Windows machine

  1. Project > Setting > Desired capabilities > WebUI - Chrome
  2. Click on Add
  3. Add name as “args” with type as “list” and then click on the right three dots on clicking value field
  4. Another dialog opens and then click on Add
  5. Enter Type as “List” and value as “–incognito”
  6. Press Ok
  7. Observe value will be updated
  8. Then Apply and close
  9. Run your test