Sort values in Global Variables selection combo alphabeticaly

The combo to select a global variable in the Variables tab of the tests objects is completely disordered (not even following the same order as the Profiles variables), and only supports using the first letter to lookup, having the values on the combo sorted alphabetically could greatly improve the speed on selecting them, since currently in order to find one you have to repeatedly hit the first letter until you arrive at the one you are looking for.

It takes me a lot of time to find the variable I need. So I can continue my job, but my performance is lower than expected

The following images show how the global variables are sorted in the profile and how the combo shows them, as you can see Bearer, BearerAdmin, BearerCompany, and BearerFlujo should be at least together (if the sort order were the same as the one in the profile), but only Bearer and BearerCompany are together, BearerFlujo is 50 places higher on the list and BearerAdmin is 80 or so:

katalon_kSvyI09lv2 katalon_QRJPuGjG0Q

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Thanks for your suggestion. I have added an issue on Github for ease of tracking.

Hello there

Katalon Studio has just released version 7.7 with some enhancements related to using Global Variables:

  • Allow finding and selecting Global variables with text entered in Variable section of test cases and request objects
  • Katalon Studio loads all global variables in all profiles

Learn more about this release.