Lack of sorting and filtering

The fact that there is NO sort or ordering that I can find in the global variable drop down list is just sad. Come on Katalon. This is UX 101 and this glaring oversight, and more importantly your unwillingness to correct it is just pathetic.

Only one resolution for you is to edit *.glbl file manually. Pity but you can do it now.

that only re-orders the profile listing. Not the drop down when you actually try to use it in an object.

Reflects VERY poorly on this product. Basic fundamental software standards not being followed…

@scott.babineaux i think it is just reflecting that the app is developped by a small team so they have to prioritize the features/issues to solve


It always amazes me that people feel so completely entitled that they feel comfortable using words like “sad”, “pathetic”, and “glaring oversight” to describe the shortcomings of a free tool.

There are plenty of constructive ways to suggest improvements…


However, as I’ve intimated elsewhere, I think there are enough bells and whistles hanging off Katalon – enough at least to warrant a period of consolidation and “getting the basics right”.

I’m still reeling at the 6.1.5 minor-minor point release removing reports to a plugin… what? While it’s a welcome change (in as much as it foretells what’s to come) but that’s at least a minor release, like 6.5 or whatever.

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@Russ_Thomas eeh … i think some people don’t care about the real meaning of the minor versions :slight_smile:

but this can mean also that is a lack of visibility in to the katalon development cycle …perhaps adding somewhere more explanations on what is stable and what not will help users to decide if it is the time to upgrade with confidence or just try-and-see if willl fit?

personally, i always keep two/three ‘known to work’ versiosn but looks like we are only few doing this …

with any new feature come greater responsabilities …

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