SOLVED: Using CSV values with a drop down

I am new to Katalon Recorder and have managed to learn how to utilise CSV files with this tool.

Unfortunately, my success with parsing these values so far has only extended to text input fields, with me having no issues with fetching this value and putting into a text field.

I am trying to use the tool with a dropdown list (using Chrome 66.0 on Mac OS 10.12.6 and the most recent version of Katalon Recorder), however the Log area keeps telling me that it cannot find a match for the drop-down item (even though I know it is an exact match).

The drop down items do have non-alphanumeric symbols in them (e.g. the (R) and ™ symbols), but the value I see it display in the log file does match the value in the drop down itself, so in theory it should be an exact string match.

Can someone please assist me here and shed some light on where I am going wrong?

Note: The “type” commands, when I have run them prior to the select ones have worked without issue with the text fields. Likewise, if I was to manually put the model or grades values into either of the lines below (instead of pulling them from the CSV) then this works fine too.



Discovered that the cause in this case was that the content that was captured within the CSV file had non-ASCII characters hidden within it.

So visually with UTF-8 encoding set as the doctype these characters were not being rendered, however when then altering it to Windows Char. Set the characters became visible (and so could be deleted), which then allowed me to save out the file as UTF-8 again, but minus the hidden characters.

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