§ Character from CSV file is not recognized correctly

For a test on a page there is a part with a dropdown menu whose entries start with a § character. I have saved an entry with corresponding § character in a CSV file. However, when I start the test, the entry cannot be found. From the § character appears in the Catalon Recorder this symbol �. How can I fix the error? Is there a possibility, instead of the concrete entry from the dropdown menu, e.g. the command take the 4th entry?

Entry in the CSV file
§ 16 abcdef
§17 ghijkl
§ 18 mnopqr

On web page:
Dropdown list as above

Thanks !!!

Are you aware in which character encoding is used for the CSV file?

I’m afraid I don’t know. How can I find out?

Which OS do you use?
Windows? or else?

I am using windows 10.

I solved this Issue by saving the CSV-UTF8 File!!!


Use Visual Studio Code. VSCode is very good editor.

Open the file in VSCode. Look at the right-bottom of the window, you can see which character encoding VSCode assumes to render the text.

You can switch many varieties of encoding. Of couse you can save the text in whichever encoding you like.



thank you very much!!!