So I played the System Shock Remake (2023)... 🎮

I have heard about System Shock (1994) for a long time, how people praised it for its innovative gameplay at the time and how it being the godfather of subsequent “immersive-sim” games such as Bioshock, Dishonored, Prey (2017), etc. But I never got to play it mostly due to the extremely dated graphics and, I guess, funky soundtrack that doesn’t fit in with the game’s story and setting.

Luckily, the remake updated all that, with much improved visuals and atmosphere…

Things I liked about the game after about 15+ hours of playing (and dying mid-game, and spamming the quicksave feature):

  • The visual works perfectly with the soundtrack to capture the feeling of isolation and hopelessness of being taunted and chased by a homicidal AI with a god complex. I felt quite unnerved throughout most of the game, even after I have cleared out all of the enemies of each level.

Things I did not like very much:

  • Each level of the game was like a maze and there was no objective marker because the developer wanted to stay true to the original game, and that also meant a lot of moments running around the map aimlessly figuring where to go, or having to pay attention to each audio log I picked up. → Basically, the features that we take for granted in modern games, but I guess that is part of its charm since the developers wanted to stay true to the original game’s designs and mechanics.

And, after finishing the game, I have also found myself a new favorite soundtrack to listen to while working …

If any of you have played the original game back in 1994 before, how was it for you? Did you get to play the remake?