Show references on object used in script

I have defined a web object and the attributes are like that now:
//a[@role = ‘textbox’ and (text() = ‘${srSearched}’ or . = ‘${srSearched}’)]
This is because I want to be able to click on a changing text in my test.
The way object is used:
//a[@role = ‘textbox’ and (text() = ‘${srSearched}’ or . = ‘${srSearched}’)]

Usage of that object;…, (‘srSearched’) : theValueUsed]))
Now, where it does not work is when you try to “see references” for that object. If you do so, the search will tell that none of the scripts are using that object.
Has been like that for many releases now, did not even recall when if noticed that 1 year ago (of course I was not doing so much maintenance as now!)
Any explanation?


I have the same issue. Can this be addressed?

Hi @Houba_TripleSeven, @rmccallum

What version of Katalon Studio are you guys using ?

Perhaps I am not understanding correctly, but I am using 7.0.0 and if I parameterize a test object then the “show references” still works okay.

The test object

The usage & reference

I am in version 6.3.3, build 11. I have also downloaded 7.0 and searched using the newest version. It still does not find parameterized objects, though this object is used in multiple scripts in this project.

I’m using 6.2.2 and it has also never worked for me to successfully search for parameterized objects.
e.g. objects like detect object by xpath equals “//legend[contains(normalize-space(.), “${legend}”)]”

(Searching for non-parameterized objects works fine)