Objects in app change parameters for differents queries

When trying to find an object on the screen of a mobile device (android), the object’s name is different in queries when the input datum is changed.

For example, after the query, in the same part of the front is called “android,view.view40”, or “Android,view.view41”, “Android.view.View55”, in other queries “Android.view.View68”, etc. since they are different objects, can’t be found in the object repository, which causes a failure in the flow.

This is why I’d like to know if you have had this kind of problems and how have you overcome it.

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Hi Jorge,

Katalon Studio does support some parameterization of Test Objects:



Hopefully those docs help point you in the right direction. If not, can you please explain more of what you’re trying to do with the multiple objects?

- Chris

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