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For Mobile testing, nothing example find object?

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I’m also curios about Mobile perspective. It seems I was only able to successfully utilize this with Mobile.verifyElementText(findTestObject()). If I try to use parameterization with Mobile.tap(findTestObject()) it unfortunately doesn’t seem to work. Are there only certain keywords/types of objects that this parameterization is supported for?

In the Object Repository, make sure you set the “Value” of the property so that Katalon knows that it’s a variable and needs to replace it, e.g. set the text property’s value to ${text}.

not able to open mobile view. Please help me out.

I am trying to pass dynamic value to a test object through a variable defined with in the script. However, script fails at verifying if object is present step unable to find it.

t = CustomKeywords.‘general_Keywords.gen_functions.replace_ExpectedWithActualString’(v_editSiteXpath, ‘expectedTitle’, v_siteFiltered)

System.out.println('t: ’ + t)

WebUI.verifyElementPresent(findTestObject(‘Page_Sites Clarity/Sites Main Page/btn_siteEdit’, [(‘xpath’) : t]), 0)‘Page_Sites Clarity/Sites Main Page/btn_siteEdit’, [(‘xpath’) : t]))

Where v_editSiteXpath is a script variable and v_siteFiltered is a string variable that is result of a search.
v_editSiteXpath = “//tr/td[@title=‘expectedTitle’]//following-sibling::td/a[@name=‘editButton’]”
v_siteFiltered =‘Site08/09/2019’

Error: e[39mUnable to find the element located by ‘By.xpath: //tr/td[@title=‘expectedTitle’]//following-sibling::td/a[@name=‘editButton’]’. Please recheck the objects properties to make sure the desired element is located.

Please help trouble shooting this issue so I can find objects dynamically.

Can we add all objects to repository at a time through spy feature