Show References does not list references for custom keyword


This issue was posted several years ago but no response.

I have a custom keyword called “FetchEmail” which I use in multiple test scripts to connect to an IMAP email server.

However, when I right click on the keyword and select “Show References” the “Search” tab returns empty. Here is the Search results.

Here is an example of how I use it in a test script.

This issue occurs here and there and I see no pattern.


I use another product called Komodo Edit (it’s free) to search my script files for whatever I need to look up. I also like Komodo Edit for items/objects that I have made that are not in the OR (Test Objects, Keywords, variables, even documenting comments). I like it because it has a small “footprint” but it’s great for what I need to do.

I use KS lookup for items that are in my Object Repository, but I am moving more and more away from using the OR and creating my Test Objects in code.

Use Edit > Find in Files:


There are other products that can be used as well, such as Notepad++. These are two I use, but I’m sure you can find others.

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Thank you, this looks very useful, I will take a look.