Visibility on all method calls

I have a few custom methods written under keywords in different packages, I am calling these methods in different test cases. I would like to know if there is a shortcut in IDE, to show which test cases are using a particular method. I tried right clicking on method and looking at different options but they don’t satisfy what I am looking for.

Please help if someone knows.

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The only thing I know of is Search (Ctrl-H).

Type your search text and check the relevant boxes. If you refine your search as regex, you’ll get a list of call sites throughout your code base.

Bumping this, this would be a great feature if you could look up what test cases use this in References selection in the right click menu:

Not sure there’s any need to bump this - it works in KSE 7.9.0

As you can imagine, the comment() api is used a lot - 680 references found:

I mean finding usages in test cases, not just classes in keyword packages. I don’t think that functionality exists.

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You might be right. I think the problem is, a Test Case is the body of a run method in a Script class. I imagine that’s not strictly a “Java type” - it’s a Groovy thing, living outside the Java universe.

But I’m not an expert in this area…

@ThanhTo @duyluong

I added a feature request on Github for ease of tracking:

@nathaniel.s.thompson Can you describe your particular use case and what you’re trying to accomplish when looking for this functionality ? It may provide more context to decision makers.

Thank you for you report.

I fully support this feature request!
In my use case: I have some old keywords which do no longer work like expected (or in retrospect were written in a bad way). Before deleting those I want to make sure there not used anywhere.
Also, when there is a need to adapt a keyword I want to make sure that all test cases that uses that keyword keeps on behaving like expected.


That’s easy:


Yes, in our test scripts we want to see what custom keyword test methods are used in what tests, in case that someone wants to modify or refactor a custom keyword to add more functionality or fix it, they want to see what tests to run to see that impact. This is would make this in line with what is already featured in Katalon for all java/groovy files that aren’t test scripts. Thanks!

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