Show full date instead of relative date in Test Runs report overview on TestOps


I want to see the real date instead of the relative date, even for runs done within last 24 hours.

What happens now is that I often need to share proof the test runs were ok. The quickest way for me is to take a screenshot of the last run in the test runs overview. However, since the run is less than 24 hours old it currently will show e.g. “11 hours ago”. If I share my screenshot to stakeholders, no-one will be able to deduct from it when exactly it ran. Or for historical reasons, it might be something that you want to have as proof that at that exact time all was green.

So, either make this a feature the user can enable/disable, or make it always a real date.



Hi Joost.

Point taken, we will discuss this and get back to you if there are any changes.


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