Flaky report : delete old test cases + wrong column header title + Similar Failures sorting

A nice feature on TestOps is seeing how flaky your tests are. See doc support view-flaky-test-cases-reports

However, in my case this reports also shows some test cases that were created years ago, which failed in my initial testing but are presently no longer in my tests.
Also - like already previously mentioned somewhere - these dots show from New to Old, not from Old to New like the title suggests.

I have no way of deleting these old test cases from the report. I do notice that in the /test-design/test-cases menu there is a quick action button, but not yet supported. Do hope we can soon use this to delete?

Another well designed feature is the “Similar Failures” (see view test reports)

With 1 click you can let testOps analyze other similar failures

However, we cannot click on the Time to sort. I guess it’s now sorted on a hidden similarity score. Sorting it on time would give me useful insights as to how recent this particular error/test-case-flakiness occured.

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This may be worth taking a look into for your team nè em