Sending screenshot emails for several error reasons to different recipients during test execution


in case of an error during test execution I have to send an email with a screenshot of the current situation. Since the tests should run 24/7, I don’t want an email to be sent after each test execution, but only in case of an error.

But now to the problem: I also want the emails for each test suite in my Katalon Studio project to be sent to different addresses. Therefore I suspect that the normal email function built into Katalon Studio won’t help me here and I have to create a custom keyword instead, right?

Following this example, I integrated the JavaMail API and the JavaBeans Activation Framework via the project settings of Katalon Studio. But how do I make now a working custom keyword out of the code from this link? I know this tutorial. But I’m a bloody Java beginner and I don’t know how to fix the many bugs I encounter when trying to implement the email code.

Many thanks for any hints!

Does nobody really have a few tips for me on how to implement that email sending Java code as a Custom Keyword in Katalon Studio? :confused: