Selenium Migration to Katalon Studio

Hello Brijesh,

Recently, we have the requirement to re-use a project of Selenium Test Cases on a Katalon Tool.

We already found the information related to it, but we are facing issues with the last steps of the process.


  1. We have the Selenium Project using J-Unit.
  2. We migrated the Selenium Project to Gradle by switching the dependencies.
  3. We included the source code of the Selenium Project on the Katalon Project.
  4. We developed the Katalon source code to call the Selenium Test Case.
  5. The Katalon routine calls the Selenium Test Case without problems, but when it is trying to get the results of the running, we are getting an error.

We are using these web resources:
Selenium, TestNG and JUnit Migration

Selenium/TestNG/JUnit Migration to Katalon Studio

Please, let us know what we have to share to get help

Hi @nayarismael.martinez

Can you share some screenshot of the error, the execution log?