Seeing test suite setup/teardown in test suite logs/reports

Background on the problem

This has been ongoing issue for me, but I have run test suite collection, only to see some of the test suites fail to clean up after themselves. Over the weekend, I tried isolating the issue, by running the suspect test suites themselves, and failed to reproduce the issue.

I then run a subset of the test suite collection, consisting only of the suspect test suites, and I still can’t reproduce the issue.

I ran the logic of the test suites, in test case form, and don’t face the issue there.

Today, I re-ran that test suite collection, and partially faced the issue.

The problem itself

I can’t check the test suite report file for the test suite teardown hook. It only shows the individual test cases themselves.

Also, the Log Viewer only shows the test cases for the first test suite in the test suite collection…

How can I view the test suite teardown in the logs?


The test suite report file will be generated only after the test suite teardown hook finished.
So you can not see the file while you are still in the teardown hook.

You are supposed to click the “Eye icon” to see the 2nd and following test suites result. Refer to Log viewer issue for test suite collections - #5 by jpagulayan

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That’s not what I was trying to say… I can’t see the results of the tear down hook at all in the HTML report

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Still I do not see your issue.

We need more concrete information (the code!) disclosed from you so that others can reproduce your issue on a machine in their own hands.

Please show us your code of what you call “the tear down hook” and the test case you ran.
Please describe what you expect to see in the HTML report.
Please show us the HTML report you actually got, and describe what’s missing for you.

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I have implemented it and this is the final report.


The suite setup/teardown has not been implemented in the Katalon basic report yet. Therefore, you cannot see them in the HTML report.
You need to customize the Katalon Basic Report Plugin
Then export a .jar file and import it to your project.
Refer to [How to develop a custom keywords plugins]

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This is precisely what I am looking for!

Do you happen to have a GitHub repository of your work, that I could contribute to, or fork from?

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No, I don’t. But you can try with this jar file. katalon-studio-basic-report_3.0.jar (11.5 MB)

Will try it out today. Thanks!

That’s part of the issue solved!