Script upload into katalon studio

Hello guys,

I have recorded some scripts in katalon recorder 3.4.11 version and i want to upload that script into Katalon studio.
I have done following steps -
- Export test cases as script in katalon format
- try to import through import selenium IDE script (beta).

It was uploaded but getting error … on script page of katalon studio scripts are displaying i mean start with selenium. instead of WebUI. and due to that i think i am getting error.

Please guide to upload the script successfully.

Appreciable !!

Well not sure why you want to import that true selenium IDE script? Maybe i’m wrong but the description of that is in my eyes misleading and is used for something else?

It should be called something different than. My guess is you save your test cases in katalon format and just include it in your project files.

Hey Thank u so much for replying, actually I have katalon studio as well as katalon recorder (add on-crome browser), I have recorded some test cases in automation recorder i those cases i want to upload in katalon studio.
I am unable to record same steps in studio that is why I choose this recorder.

My question is how can I upload this file into

katalon studo ?