Screenshot of Desktop Not Just Browser

Is there a way to get a screen capture of the entire desktop to include the Windows Task Bar with Time for verification? I want to take an entire SCREEN snapshot.

I can’t remember if it is ALT + PrintScreen or CTRL + PrintScreen to capture the whole screen, but how about trying:

import java.awt.Robot
import java.awt.event.KeyEvent

Robot robot = new Robot();

After this, you would need to paste the screen shot somewhere.

If the OP has posted to the correct forum category, I don’t think he can do that. :confused:

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Because it’s only the Recorder?

He’s posted under the browser plugin, not the Record Web thing in KS - different animals. Unless it’s come a lo-o-o-ng way since I last used it, don’t think you can import and write code like KS.

@davidrsbrown are you using the browser plugin or Katalon Studio?