captureEntirePageScreenshot - entire page and option to save

Under “captureEntirePageScreenshot function not working - Archive - Katalon Community” is a statement from the 02/06/2018, that the function “captureEntirePageScreenshot” will be improved.
Now is the Katalon Recorder 3.5.8 available and the function captures still only the visible regions.
It would be nice to have an option like in Selenium-IDE with the AddOn :
The other point is the possibility to save all captured screenshots as single files without the log.
The save option under the tab “Screenshots” saves the complete log like under “Log”.
The actual command “captureEntirePageScreenshot” does not accept a path even if the path exist as a local or a network share.

The reference ( is shorten in row 132 and 133 for these commands.
Is there any option to save the images using the running script.