Scheduled test runs fail due to Private Profiles with username and password

In Katalon TestOps Our scheduled test runs fail due to us having Private Profiles with username and password.

We removed our credentials and URLS when pushing our changes / code to GitHub as we want to prevent credential exposure…

If our GitHub is set to private, Is there another way to schedule it and have it pass without the profiles being exposed?

If so how?

Must it be public? We cant afford this as we did will confidential information.

EXAMPLE TestOps scheduled run below. It does not pass due to removed profiles.


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Have you tried it with public Git and confirmed the tests succeeded?

the thing is it will require us to add username and password and then set it to public. We dont want to do that as we are working with banks. Does that make sense? I hope I am explaining it right.

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Don’t know if this might help?

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Thank you, I will try this and let you know how we got it working…


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