Saving session of browser

I’m trying to achieve the below scenario ,Let me know if this is feasible in katalon.

-There is a url one which im trying to perform login say :

-I perform the login operation and on the same browser instance , I have to switch to say

in such a way that the user should stay logged in since this login flow was achieved in the first step

I do this all the time. The session is retained until you actively remove it (e.g. by logging out or killing the browser).

Thanks Russ, Can this be achieved through just navigating to the new url or should the session’s cookie be stored . If so How do we do it. Can you please help

Yes. Exactly that.

Your login session is even preserved across new windows (popups generated by the page that was logged in, of course).

But the new url to which Im navigating to isn’t from the UI. for example I have “” and I login on this page . Now after login Let’s say I’m on "" but I need to navigate to “” and there is no button or link on the “” page which can navigate me to “”. So the only way to achieve this is by using the
WebUI.navigateToUrl(“”) but will this save my logged in session ?


Like I said, this is what I do all the time. Do us both a favor - stop looking for problems that don’t exist and post back when you have a real problem :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

And by the way, that’s nothing to do with Katalon… that’s how browsers (should) work.

Awesome! Thanks for confirming! :slight_smile:

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