How to remain logged in even when browser is closed?

Hi All
I am not a developer and just trying to automate image upload to a ecommerce site I use repeatedly for same images.
I want to stay logged in to the test browser on Katalon Studio, without logging me out each time I restart the browser inside Katalon Studio.
Katalon Recorder plugin on Chrome does this without problem. It uses my Chrome session, where i am already logged in to the site.
Is there a similar way to use the Katalon Studio too?
I hope this is a valid question with answer.

Ah, Goodness of Katalon Recorder.

@ThanhTo :clap:

No, it is impossible in Katalon Studio out of box.

I know a trick to carry over the stored cookies in Chrome via Profile using my custom plugin chromedriverfactory, but it is complicated and difficult for non-programmers to use.

Perhaps, you had better use Katalon Recorder. Far easier.

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Let me add an explanation.

Katalon Recorder resides inside browser (Chrome, Firefox) whereas Katalon Studio stands outside of browser. These products have similar name but are completely different.

The “logged in status” is controlled by browser inside browser. Neither of KR & KS have capability of controlling the status.

If browser runs with “logged in status” and KR happens to be there, then KR will work with the “logged in status” provided. KS has, principally, no chance to manipulate the “logged in status” inside browser.

Thanks a lot for the replies. It is good to know the opinion of experienced users.
I might have continued to dig in without finding a solution otherwise.