Saving multiple "Remote" browser settings

Hi everyone,

I was searching for a way to save 2 or more different “Remote” settings and couldn’t find it.

Something like this for example:

Remote 1:

Remote 2:

Is this already possible?
If not than this could be a great feature.

And if anything is unclear, feel free to ask and I’ll try to explain it better.

Look forward to your feedback,

Bump for this. Would love to be able to do this.

In the mean time, does anyone have a different solution for sending tests in parallel to multiple browser/platforms on a cloud service (eg, Saucelabs or Browser Stack)?

Also need this function to define several crossbrowser settings which I can run in parallel or subsequently.

I already answered you in your other topic, but I put it here so everybody can see it :slight_smile:

Using custom browser, on a project settings, you can define multiple remote browser (browser stack or any selenium grid)


@Antoine_Bulteau this is awesome … thanks for sharing. one question:
How to do the same with command line.
For CI implementation we execute through command line not Katalon

Hello Nadim,
you can simply generate a command for your Test Suite Collection. On the “Generate Command for Console Mode” popup, just select your TSCollection using the “Browse” button. You’ll see then “testSuiteCollectionPath” inside your command.

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