I have successfully setup my Project Settings|Execution|Default|Web UI|Remote settings to call CrossBrowserTesting and run a test. So, I can setup the Project to run a remote test vs MicrosoftEdge for example. Now I would like to run the Test Case 10 times going against different browsers every time. But the settings are at the Project level. Anyway to programatically do this?


Have a look at this post:

Are you asking the same question?

Does this post give you any hint?

Are you testing WebUI or Mobile? As for Mobile, it seems Katalon Studio supports multiple devices on remote server, but as for WebUI, Katalon Studio seems not yet support “multiple remote browsers”.

Both those requests are similar. CrossBrowserTesting supports multiple remote browsers. And Katalon Studio supports configuring for a remote test. But as far as I can tell you have to manually setup the remote settings. Therefore your entire project is locked into a single instance of remote settings (IE10) for example. I would like to be able to automate a test case to run against 10 browser variations, both desktop based and mobile based.

Same wish here as @Mike_Booth stated.

On project settings, you can add multiple custom remote browser, so I don’t see any limitation here.

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@Antoine_Bulteau: Cool thank you. How is the structure for the value field? Is there a documentation for it?

Got it:


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Of course there is a documentation :slight_smile: Please have a look at “BrowserStack Integration” to retrieve the needed parameters. Then, try to add a custom browser, you will see every step you need to add those parameters (and no worries about the syntax).

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Yes, I got this working also. It just took a bit of time to understand the setup.

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