Saving a project

What is the secret behind saving a project?
“save” and “save as” are both greyed out.

Did you mean “Save All”? There is no “Save As…”

Have you made changes? Normally, Katalon enables the Save/Save All buttons when changes need to be saved.

cannot remember exacltly, but similar things happend to me after update. restarting Katalon studio helped solve that …
Marc, still have that issue?

Yes its “save all”, not “save as” - sorry for that.
They are both greyed out.
It doesnt change even when i make changes to the project.
Version 5.6.1

Hi Marc

Where is Katalon installed? (what path is it using?)

What is the path to your project?

I’m wondering if this is a permissions issue.

Have you used Katalon before? Has it ever worked? Did this suddenly start happening or is this the first time you have used it?

Hi Russ

The Katalon Program is on C:\Katalon_Studio_Windows_64-5.6.1

The Project Path is C:\Users\m\Katalon Studio\me

It is not possible to change the Project Path in the Project Settings.

It is a new Windows Installation. I have not used the Program before.

Opening the Prog as Admin did not help.

Thanks for Your Help.
Any Ideas?


Take a look in the log file(s). You can find them in your Katalon installation folder under config\.metadata\…

I’m hoping there’s a clue in there.

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Marc - post your .log file here so the support people can take a look.

Depending on the size, you may need to zip it first.