Save could not be completed. Try File> Save as

Hello everyone,

It’s the 7th time i face this issue in Katalon. Could please take a look, because each time i lose a lot of time of work.

Thank you

The is no File > Save as
OS: Mac 10,14,1
Katalon version. : 5,8,6
Appium version : 1.8.1

Screenshot 2018-11-23 at 12.59.43.png


Hello everyone…!
I am also getting same issue time to time,please consider this issue…I don’t know the reason why it is happening…
OS: Windows

Version: 5.9.1

Build: 2

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Even I am getting the same issue, there is no File > Save As…

Same problem here.

I’m mostly working in the Step Definition files. After just a few saves and test runs (2 – 5) the file starts to not get dirty after changes. At the same time you get the mentioned error message when starting a test or closing the application.

To get rid of the problem for the moment, I have to restart the application leading to the loss of the unsaved changes. And form there it starts all over again.

OS: Win
Katalon Version: 6.2.1