Save web text/data in a csv file

Is it possible to save a web element’s text into a CSV a file (For Katalon Recorder)
If it is possible, please help me.

Thanks in advance :v:

Ref: Save to CSV didn’t help out.

I’m in the same trouble (for Katalon Recorder). In Kantu it is possible but I like to use Katalon Recorder.

Hi, depending on what You want to do it can be not so easy or pretty hard but it’s possible if You REALLY want to do it :smiley: . If you onlny want to just save data to csv file as some kind of report use JavaScript to save data to file. Just google for “how to save file Javascript” and You will find working functions.

If You want to use this file in another test case/ test suite however it’s more complicated. First part is the same - use some JavaScript to save file. Then when you want to use you can’t access the file you have in “Data Driven” tab because there is a copy of your file not the acctual file. So after adding file in this tab no matter what you do with the file on your computer (you can modify it or even delete it) the file and its content remain the same in Katalon. You need a way around. And there is a way. You have to use Katalon Helper Tool. Go to: , download and run (I set this to start with windows). To test it try to go to:

From now on you can communicate Katalon/page with computer. Its gives you unlimited posibilities. For example when you want to use powershell script simply use something like this:
When using powershell script for this remember to return something, in your case return content of the file.
Overall it would be like this:

  1. With runScript command save data to file.
  2. Open http://localhost:18910/execute?cmd=powershell%20c:\MyScripts\Powershell\someScript.ps1
    that will execute cmd command powershell wich run script wich read file and return content of this file.
  3. On the page you will have json return from Helper Tool which contains the content of the file.
  4. Read that with standard commands like store, storeText etc.

If You have any question feel free to ask them.

Or more simple way just use this solution if you don’t need to have this data on your computer