How to use storeCsv command

I’m new to Katalon Recorder and I do not find the manual how to use storeCsv command.

Hi Martial

I am myself new to Katalon. But i think i figured out.

Here are the steps you need to take.

1. You have a csv file created. Say “data.csv”.
2. Now when you open Katalon Recorder you have a “Data Driven” tab (bottom horizontal section of the Katalon Recorder screen).
3. In you already have a Test Case, add the following lines:

storeCsv || data.csv, 0, columnName1 || var1
storeCsv || data.csv, 1, columnName1 || var2

So for the sample above:
- the value from the “data.csv” 1st row and column “columnName1”, will be stored into variable “var1”
- the value from the “data.csv” 2nd row and column “columnName1”, will be stored into variable “var2”

I am also attaching a zip file that has many proven samples from this website…

Let me know if it helps.


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