How can I save a value into a CSV file?

How can I save a value into a CSV file? I’ve seen some old posts about that suggest it isn’t possible. Has that changed?

Using Katalon Recorder (Browser Extension), No, you can’t. You will never be able to.

As of now (10th Feb 2011) and in the foreseeable future, HTML5 will not provide read/write access to the user’s filesystem directly.

As of now (26th June 2021), no web browsers provides any Extensions including Katalon Recorder with write access to the user’s file system directly for security reason.

You should switch to Katalon Studio if you want your tests write files.

There is a way to do that with the help of Katalon Recorder Helper, which is a Java program. You can use KR to control the Java program which interacts with the file system. It’s a bit technical, since browser extensions can’t really interact with local file systems directly.


1/ Unzip the jar file.

2/ Open the terminal at the folder containing the jar file and run:

java -jar katalon-recorder-helper.jar

2/ Create a file.csv in the same folder.

3/ Create a test in KR with the command.


Replace the path above with the absolute path to the file on your machine.

4/ Execute the test.

It should write 4 columns to the CSV file.