Running Web test on android not working


I have a problem with execution of test case on my android device. I have installed node js and appium. I have also enabled usb debuging and “usb install” on my android. The problem is when I start the test execution, it gets stuck on “Appium server started on port XX,XXX”. Here is the debug messages:

06-06-2018 11:47:09 AM - [START] - Start Test Case : Test Cases/1.01

06-06-2018 11:47:10 AM - [INFO] - Evaluating variables for test case

06-06-2018 11:47:11 AM - [START] - Start action : openBrowser

06-06-2018 11:47:13 AM - [INFO] - Opening browser

06-06-2018 11:47:13 AM - [INFO] - Starting ‘Android’ driver

06-06-2018 11:47:23 AM - [INFO] - Appium server started on port 51,035

e[35m[Appium]e[39m Welcome to Appium v1.8.1

e[35m[Appium]e[39m Non-default server args:

e[35m[Appium]e[39m port: 51035

e[35m[Appium]e[39m loglevel: info

e[35m[Appium]e[39m chromeDriverPort: 51036

e[35m[Appium]e[39m tmpDir: C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\\Katalon\Appium\Temp1528278433948

e[35m[Appium]e[39m Appium REST http interface listener started on

e[35m[HTTP]e[39m e[37m–>e[39m e[37mGETe[39m e[37m/wd/hub/statuse[39m

e[35m[HTTP]e[39m e[90m{}e[39m

e[35m[HTTP]e[39m e[37m<-- GET /wd/hub/status e[39me[32m200e[39m e[90m21 ms - 83e[39m

e[35m[HTTP]e[39m e[90me[39m

e[35m[HTTP]e[39m e[37m–>e[39m e[37mPOSTe[39m e[37m/wd/hub/sessione[39m

e[35m[HTTP]e[39m e[90m{“desiredCapabilities”:{“browserName”:“Chrome”,“deviceName”:“Xiaomi Redmi 3 (Android 5.1.1)”,“newCommandTimeout”:1800,“platform”:“ANDROID”,“platformName”:“Android”,“udid”:“XXXXXXXX”},“capabilities”:{“desiredCapabilities”:{“browserName”:“Chrome”,“deviceName”:“Xiaomi Redmi 3 (Android 5.1.1)”,“newCommandTimeout”:1800,“platform”:“ANDROID”,“platformName”:“Android”,“udid”:“XXXXXXXX”},“firstMatch”:[{“browserName”:“Chrome”,“platformName”:“android”}]}}e[39m

e[35m[Appium]e[39m Could not parse W3C capabilities: ‘deviceName’ can’t be blank. Falling back to JSONWP protocol.

e[35m[Appium]e[39m The following capabilities were provided in the JSONWP desired capabilities that are missing in W3C capabilities: [“browserName”,“deviceName”,“newCommandTimeout”,“platform”,“platformName”,“udid”]. Falling back to JSONWP protocol.

e[35m[Appium]e[39m Creating new AndroidDriver (v2.7.0) session

e[35m[Appium]e[39m Capabilities:

e[35m[Appium]e[39m browserName: Chrome

e[35m[Appium]e[39m deviceName: Xiaomi Redmi 3 (Android 5.1.1)

e[35m[Appium]e[39m newCommandTimeout: 1800

e[35m[Appium]e[39m platform: ANDROID

e[35m[Appium]e[39m platformName: Android

e[35m[Appium]e[39m udid: XXXXXXXXXX

e[35m[BaseDriver]e[39m The following capabilities were provided, but are not recognized by appium: platform.

e[35m[BaseDriver]e[39m Session created with session id: d5f2229d-c281-4ccc-87db-1eaf3a0a5ba5

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m Java version is: 1.8.0_102

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m We’re going to run a Chrome-based session

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m Chrome-type package and activity are and

e[35m[ADB]e[39m Checking whether adb is present

e[35m[ADB]e[39m Found 1 ‘build-tools’ folders under ‘C:\Users\User\.katalon\tools\android_sdk’ (newest first):

e[35m[ADB]e[39m C:/Users/User/.katalon/tools/android_sdk/build-tools/28.0.0

e[35m[ADB]e[39m Using adb.exe from C:\Users\User\.katalon\tools\android_sdk\platform-tools\adb.exe

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m Retrieving device list

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m Using device: XXXXXXXXXX

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m App file was not listed, instead we’re going to run directly on the device

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m Starting Android session

e[35m[ADB]e[39m Checking whether aapt is present

e[35m[ADB]e[39m Using aapt.exe from C:\Users\User\.katalon\tools\android_sdk\build-tools\28.0.0\aapt.exe

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m setDeviceLanguageCountry requires language or country.

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m Got language: ‘null’ and country: ‘null’

e[35m[ADB]e[39m Getting device platform version

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m No app sent in, not parsing package/activity

e[35m[ADB]e[39m No uiautomator process found to kill, continuing…

e[35m[AndroidBootstrap]e[39m Android bootstrap socket is now connected

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m Screen already unlocked, doing nothing

e[35m[AndroidDriver]e[39m Starting a chrome-based browser session

e[35m[Chromedriver]e[39m Set chromedriver binary as: C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/npm/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-chromedriver/chromedriver/win/chromedriver.exe

e[35m[Chromedriver]e[39m No old chromedrivers seemed to exist

e[35m[Chromedriver]e[39m Spawning chromedriver with: C:/Users/User/AppData/Roaming/npm/node_modules/appium/node_modules/appium-chromedriver/chromedriver/win/chromedriver.exe --url-base=wd/hub --port=51036 --adb-port=5037 --verbose

And the execution freezes there. Nothing is happening on my phone.

Any help would be appreciated

Aditional info:
Katalon Studio 5.4.2 build 1
Windows 10
Android 5.1.1
Drivers are probably installed and working since I got asked to install appium settings and Unlock apps, and they got installed without a problem
Nothing is writen to the Katalon log file

Best regards

On android it is required to turn on USB debugging(Security settings), along side with Usb debugging and Install via USB