Running a test fails when entering data to a text field

I am using Katalon 5.6.0 on Windows 10, testing both Chrome and Firefox browser.

I have recorded a very short Web session in which the first page requires login information:

and the second page contains 2 additional text fields:

When running the test, the browser is launched okay and the login page is also handled fine moving on to the second page. But at that point the test fails when trying to write the data to the first text field - “input_invite-id”. The failure information is showing the following:

Test Cases/First Test Case FAILED because (of) Unable to set text ‘123456’ of object ‘Object Repository/Page_Augmented Live Support TechSe/input_invite-id’ (Root cause: org.openqa.selenium.InvalidElementStateException: invalid element state: Element is not currently interactable and may not be manipulated.

Any idea why this is happening?




put waitForElementClickable with input_invite-id before step6

Thanks, works !

and just to explain what was happening: script was faster then page and try to access element that was not ready at that moment
you are welcome