Run KRE via katalonc.exe in Octopus

Our org uses Octopus for a our deployments. I haven’t been able to find much online that talks about integrating Katalon execution with Octopus. Ultimately, we’d like to be able to get a response back from Katalon which we can use to decide whether the build stays or gets rolled back. I have this much figured out so far.

  1. Create a step template in Octopus.
  2. Create the parameters I want to pass into the command line.
  3. Create a powershell script that executes the katalonc.exe command line and passes in the parameters.

Where I’m running into a problem, is that I need to be able to call an instance of KRE that resides on a remote server (cannot run it on the deployment server). How exactly do I do that? I also think I saw somewhere that Katalon can return an exit code? Essentially, we’d like to be able to say if 95% or more of tests passed, then complete the build. Otherwise, roll it back. Any help is greatly appreciated!