Run Katalon Studio Project in Selenium

Hi, my company has built out test cases for our mobile product in Katalon Studio and is committed to Katalon Studio as the test automation solution. Our customer on the other hand uses Selenium 3.141.59 as the approved software. Katalon Studio, unfortunately, is not approved for use in their environment. We are wondering if our Katalon Studio project can be run using their Selenium (take the entire directory, put it on customer site, don’t install KS, but rather just run it somehow with Selenium). We understand “Katalon Studio uses the Selenium engine for automated testing of Web applications.” (What is the difference between Selenium and Katalon Studio? | EuroSTAR Huddle) But is it that simple? Is it even possible? Would we have to modify how we build out our KS workspaces to bend toward this run-in-Selenium requirement? I have read Katalon Studio vs Selenium based open source frameworks which was very helpful in determining what I think will be limitations such as no support for a. data-driven, b. object references, c. keywords, and d. command line execution. All of that would have to be altered in some way to channel our KS project into something that could be interpreted and executed by Selenium. At least I think so - this is where I could use your thoughts and experience, to get a better idea of what’s possible, to validate assumptions, to help steer us in a direction that - in case customer doesn’t approve Katalon Studio - we have some option of aligning our automated testing with them. Thanks! Will

Hi @william.hoke

If you just need to execute Katalon Studio projects, then you can use the Katalon Runtime Engine product, which is separated from Katalon Studio. I do not know if your customers have vetted the product, but just in case you haven’t, it’s an option.

Unfortunately, test projects developed using Katalon artifacts (Test Object, Web UI keywords, etc) cannot be executed with Selenium alone, because these levels of abstractions Katalon provides on top of Selenium requires a dedicated engine to work with.

May you share why Katalon is not approved in your customers’ environments ?

Hope it helps !

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Thanks for your response Thanh. Some of our customers are able to green light whatever we need to support the project, and some have to go through months of approval process. This customer falls into the latter category. It has nothing to do with Katalon Studio specifically but rather just that it hasn’t gone through their approval process. We’re doing all we can to show them the benefits of it. It sounds like they just haven’t had a chance to be familiar with it. We’re hoping they’ll fast track KS and Katalon Runtime Engine to being approved.

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