Run from here is disabled after running test case

System: KSE 8.2.0, Bld: 208; Windows 10

Hi Folks,
I will run a test case and then attempt to use “Run from here” for a failed test step.
Most of the time it works as expected; other times it is grayed out.
Has anyone else see this?
To fix the issue I have to do the following:

  1. Exit Katalon
  2. Exit my Windows 10 session
  3. Log back into my Windows 10 session
  4. I can now run another test case and am able to click on “Run from here”

@duyluong, @ThanhTo any idea why this happens… Happening again today…

Attached a log file but not sure it will show anything:
Katalon.log (51.1 KB)