"Run from here" in Katalon Studio 7.2.1 not working

Hi everyone.

I just noticed today, after a few days without using Katalon Studio (after updating webdrivers and katalon itself) that I cannot use “Run from here” anymore, even with different browser instances that Katalon generated. Is that a known thing? Or maybe I’m missing something? Basically I just open one test case or a step and run it. After, I want to run it again or added a new line, and I can’t run it in the same instance. Have to start over every time.

Can someone please help?

Kind regards,

HI @r.goncalves,

Do you encounter any error message?? Can you share it here?


Hi @Arnel.

I don’t see any error messages, unfortunately. If there was, it would be easier to explain :stuck_out_tongue:
I just see the option greyed out, like if there was no browser instance open. But I always make sure to have one open.

When checking the Run drop down menu, I can’t see the instance that I have open. It just allows me to run a new instance again.